Renewable Energy Equipment Leasing (“reel”) finances all types of equipment with a major emphasis on equipment and processes utilized for the production of alternative sources of energy such as Geothermal, Solar, Wind and other sources of clean, renewable power.

We provide a comprehensive financial product for Tax-Exempt & Not-for-Profit entities and Federal Government agencies. Our interest rates are market driven, payment terms are flexible and paperwork is simplified.

Tax-exempt financing with “reel” features a streamlined process, simplified documentation, and minimized intermediary involvement. We offer tax-exempt interest rates, flexible payment terms, and limited transaction and issuance costs for the state and local government. States, cities, counties, school districts, universities, healthcare and most not-for-profit 501(c) (3) organizations can finance equipment at tax-exempt interest rates if certain criteria are met.

“A key benefit of Tax-exempt lease purchase financing”… “reel” enables the borrower to acquire the equipment needed while avoiding time-consuming revenue-raising procedures and disclosure requirements.

“reel” enables municipalities to enhance their cash flow by spreading the cost of equipment over several fiscal periods. This allows both current and future taxpayers to pay the cost, thus stretching tax dollars. Leasing also provides a hedge against inflation. Equipment purchased at today’s prices can be budgeted in less-valuable future dollars over the term of the lease.

“reel” lease finance specialists are experienced in all aspects of municipal leasing making leasing simple and convenient.