Acquiring essential equipment used to create more alternative sources of energy through

“reel” Lease Finance Options significantly impacts the way renewable energy is produced while reducing energy costs.”

Renewable Energy Equipment Leasing, LLC, “reel” offers several lease finance options designed to help all types of businesses easily become “green”. Our focus is to help our customers make smart energy efficient decisions through the ease and flexibility of payments and terms to meet their overall financial objectives.

Leasing is easy and efficient with our team of knowledgeable finance specialists who understand your business and our industry. It is our goal to provide you with an exceptional level of personalized care to ensure that your decision will be an informed” decision through an educational experience in working closely with us.

Tax Lease

A “reel” Tax Lease (also known as a True Lease) is our most popular lease, especially with our customers that know their equipment will be obsolete in a few years. Often referred to as a Fair Market Value lease, this structure allows most customers to deduct 100% of the payment as an operating expense. Customers are not obligated to purchase their equipment at the end of the lease term, but do have the option to either upgrade, extend their lease, purchase the equipment, or return it all together.

Finance Lease

This option is for our customers that know they will want to take ownership of the equipment at the end of the lease. Usually, this type of lease works well for our customers whose equipment won’t be obsolete in a few years and is not technologically sensitive. The buyout option is usually $1 (or $101, depending on the laws in your state). Another option with our Finance Lease is a 10% buyout. This provides the flexibility of our Tax Lease, but at the same time provides the customer with a cap on the buyout option. For more information please check our Finance Products.

New Business Program

The “reel” New Business Program provides financing solutions for our customers with less than two years in business. Customers with less than one year in business can acquire financing for up to $25,000 for a term of 36 months. With over one year time in business, customers are eligible for up to $150,000 and a longer lease term.