Renewable Energy Equipment Leasing, LLC (“reel”) is a national provider of commercial funding notably for renewable, alternate and sustainable industry. We are actively involved in looking at project debt financing (including equipment installation) from single package installations to large scale utility projects throughout the United States and Canada. For opportunities outside this area, contact our office. Our relationships with tax-equity, institutional and traditional lending partners allow us the flexibility to secure funding sources for your project related needs. Because we are a general lessor and not a captive lessor, we can look at a variety of equipment and technology and its application. Commercial products include capital lease, operating lease, finance lease, true lease, master lease, conditional sales agreement, and sale–leaseback. Call us to discuss your particular project and we can see how best to satisfy the financial objectives for the for-profit or not-for-profit entity.

Typical terms range from 3-7 years, 10 year under certain credit models
Terms are a result of credit and transaction dollar value
Finance amounts from $20,000 – $100,000,000+
Flexible Payment Structures
Pre-qualification (performed by REEL)
$500.00 lender application fee after pre-qualification

Preserve working capital, preserve lines of existing credit, Purchase Options, Provides Tax Benefits Advantages
Typically Offers Lower Payments vs. Alternative Financing, Ownership of Asset Possible, Purchasing Decisions Deferred,
Flexibility of Lease Type, Avoid Technological Obsolescence, Efficiency and Convenience, Fixed Finance Rates


In anticipation of the loan request, you may need to prepare to submit documents to the lender for review. The following is a partial list of lender required documentation for final obtain loan approval:

1. Submitted Application
2. Last 2 year end Corporate Tax Returns with Schedules
3. Last 2 year end Audited Statements with Notes
4. Last 2 year Personal Tax Return for each Principal owning 10% interest
5. Personal Financial Statement for each Principal owning 10% + interest
6. Latest Interim Operating Statement
7. Signed project estimate/contract