Renewable Energy Equipment Leasing, (reel), offers the best financing solutions for large Commercial, Municipal, Government, and Utility scale projects. Our core business is in debt financing of renewable energy projects for a wide variety of equipment, processes, and technologies of wind, solar, biomass, hydro, geothermal, environmental and other alternative energy technologies. In addition to securing capital financing broadly syndicated to the banks and bond markets, reel’s expertise in the financial structuring of projects helps our customers optimize long-term significant energy savings while controlling current and future utility expenses.

Renewable Energy Equipment Leasing

Our reel Energy Projects team, Capital Markets Division, helps our customers and reel grow through strong partnerships of financial advisory in addition to providing strategically related services such as EPC/EPCM (Engineering, Procurement, Construction/Construction Management) for project build outs and retrofits.

Through our integrated strategy with our reel Energy Projects team, our customer achieves additional substantial benefits which include meeting their environmental regulatory requirements and taking advantage of additional tax incentives and (REC’s), Renewable Energy Certificates, also known as Renewable Energy Credits or Tradable Renewable Certificates (TRCs) which may be offered in their particular state.

With the largest dealer network in North America, reel provides registered users on-line portal access for monitoring and tracking of Applications, down line management views and monitoring, co-marketing support, turn-key proposal solutions and assistance for RFP’s and RFI’s.
Additional services include Manufacturer Private Label Finance Programs, National Dealer Installation Networks, Solar PV Project Development and Installation, Manufacturer/Channel Partner/ Integrator Marketing, Distribution/Logistics.

reel also serves the Residential community through a variety of consumer financing products with options best suited for their particular project and situation.

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Dedication to Community:

Within our own community, we promote education and advocacy for financing energy saving renewable energy projects and help to create unique synergies within our community. We embrace opportunities for public speaking engagements and educational seminars which raise awareness of energy savings through our finance products. We offer financial guidance for non-profit organizations to structure and finance their energy savings projects.


All Certifications, licenses, bonding, insurance etc. are required for reel registered users for every sector of the renewable energy industry.